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Cheesecake The Garden of Aidan is probably best known for his award winning Cheesecake, one slice and you will understand why. Made from cream cheese that is sourced directly from a neighboring farm in Hoekwil. Keeping the “food miles” to an absolute minimum. The cows are free roaming and pasture fed . Their milk is antibiotic free.Continue readingConfectioneries


We don’t only do Delectable Confectioneries That’s right here at the Garden of Aidan, we also do a mouthwatering range of Cheeses, made from milk from our Free Range Goats. What is the difference between artisanal and mass-produced cheese? In most cases, the artisan will take extra steps to insure a better-tasting product. This is especially trueContinue readingCheeses


Artisan bread is loosely defined as bread that is produced using traditional methods and ingredients. Choice of flour type, length of fermentation, and how the bread is made are important characteristics for an artisan loaf. Dough is generally made in small batches with a more hands on approach. With the rise in popularity, the manufacturing of artisanContinue readingBreads


Hoekwil, situated in a crook of the Touws River and is described by those who live there as a ‘piece of paradise’. 

The town, which sits perched above the coastline with beautiful views of sea, lake and mountains consists of little more than a church, a post office, a primary school, a couple of shops and a very large tree, known as the ‘Big Tree’ – a yellowwood tree thought to be as old as 850 years, and of course The Garden of Aidan

The Garden of Aidan is all about sustainable organic produce, grown as nature intended , and supplied either direct to consumer or via niche distribution locations such as markets.

Our goal is to supply the best quality products, as fresh as possible, from farm to table.

Some of our products have already gained accolades and praise from the food industry, with our Cheesecake being voted one of the best in South Africa.

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I love cheesecake, and always have, but – as I discovered one rainy night in Wilderness – there is cheesecake, and then there is cheesecake. Aidan’s cheesecake is cheesecake.
Jen Stern
Aidan Pomario's Goats Milk Yoghurt. I have never tasted such creamy, thick, delicious goats milk yoghurt. They sell the most divine baked cheesecake & other tasty morsels.
Jenny H
Situated in Hoekwil, nestled in the valley running alongside the Touws River our 38 hectare farm is quickly becoming recognised for its outstanding goats milk cheese and award winning bakery products.
George Informational Website

How to Find Us

We are slightly off the beaten Track, not even Google can find us, so if you’d like to visit us, please use the Map to the left, it will bring you right to our Doorstep.

Please give us a call ahead of time on 072 427 3892 to ensure we are available to receive you.