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The Garden of Aidan is probably best known for his award winning Cheesecake, one slice and you will understand why.

Made from cream cheese that is sourced directly from a neighboring farm in Hoekwil. Keeping the “food miles” to an absolute minimum. The cows are free roaming and pasture fed . Their milk is antibiotic free.

Available in several flavor variants, to excite even the most discerning palate.


Cookies. The very thought of the word can bring a smile on the face of even the most grumpy of individuals.

They’re convenient enough to bring on your work commute or enjoyed at home with a nice cup of coffee.

Cookies are the perfect feel-good treat for any occasion.

Dulce de leche

Dulce de leche, also known as caramelized milk, milk candy or milk jam in English, is a confection popular in Latin America prepared by slowly heating sugar and milk over a period of several hours.

The resulting substance, which takes on a spreadable, sauce-like consistency, derives its rich flavour and colour from non-enzymatic browning.

It is typically used to top or fill other sweet foods.

Dulce de leche is Spanish for “sweet [made] of milk”. Other regional names in Spanish include manjar (“delicacy”) and arequipe; in Mexico and some Central American countries dulce de leche made with goat’s milk is called ‘cajeta’.

In French it is called confiture de lait. It is also known under the name of kajmak in Polish cuisine, where it was independently created based on Turkish kaymak, a kind of clotted cream.

Kajmak is most commonly used for wafers or the mazurek pie traditionally eaten on Easter.